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Sep 03, 2008 | Dan Thompson | 366 views
Brawl In The Fall
The Terriers kick off the BRAWL IN THE FALL tournament this weekend at Larry Pearson Fields in Guelph, and Riverside Park in Cambridge. Games begin Friday September 5th at 6pm,continue all day Saturday and will wrap up Sunday afternoon with championship games in both the 16u and 18u divisions. BRAWL IN THE FALL 16u SCHEDULE Friday Sept 5 GM 1. Royals-Terriers 6:00pm RP 2. Ottawa-Mets 8:30pm LP1 3.

CT-BProof 8:30pm LP2 Saturday Sept 6 Noon 4. Royals-Ottawa LP1 5. Terriers-BProof LP2 6. Mets-CT LP3 6pm 7. BProof-Mets LP1 8. CT-Royals LP2 9. Ottawa-Terriers LP3 Sunday Sept 7 10:00am 10. 4 vs 1 LP1 11. 3 vs 2 LP2 1:00pm 12. 6 vs 5 RP 13. Championship Game-Winners of games 10 and 11. LP3 18u SCHEDULE Pool A Pool B OBJB Mets OBJW Terriers Rebels Ottawa Royals Nats Teams play each other once in pool play. Top two in each pool will cross over for semi final games. Higher seed in semi final games will be home team. Championship game is a coin flip. Friday Sept 5 GM 1. OBJB-Royals 6:00pm LP1 2. OBJW-Rebels 6:00pm LP2Terriers- Nats 6:00pm LP3 4. Mets-Ottawa 8:30pm LP3 Sat Sept 6, 9:00am 5. Royals-Rebels RP 6. Ottawa-Nats LP1 7. OBJW-OBJB LP3 8. Mets-Terriers LP2 3:00pm 9. OBJB-Rebels LP1 10. Royals-OBJW RP 11. Nats-Mets LP2 12. Ottawa-Terriers LP3 Sunday Sept 7,10:00am 13. Pool A 3rd vs Pool B 3rd RP 14. Pool A 4th vs Pool B 4th LP3 1:00pm 15. Pool B 2nd vs Pool A 1st LP1 16. Pool A 2nd vs Pool B 1st LP2 17. Championship Game-4:00pm Winners of games 15 and 16