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Almost all our coaches have coached or played at every level of the game: Pro, College, National and Provincial teams. Their mission is to continually develop their coaching skills. The goal is to help our players achieve their highest potential. 

Our Terrier coaches have a passion for baseball and for the players in our organization. This coaching staff excels in mentoring and instruction. These skills help our players be prepared for what comes next in their baseball careers.

Each player will be trained on the finer points of the technical and strategic aspects of the game. They will begin to form a mental approach that they can build on well into the future. Through this experience, players develop respect and sportsmanship to be good teammates.

Our program is a life-changing experience for young men with serious baseball aspirations. The common denominator amongst our staff is their commitment to The Terrier Way. We are making our student-athletes better both on and off the playing field. ‎We take our objectives seriously and adhere to a strict code of ethics for players and coaches. * All our staff have completed volunteer vulnerable sector security checks 

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The Terrier calendar provides an opportunity to develop a player’s baseball portfolio.  

Players have access to year-round strength training and testing at The Baseball Zone ( including an intense winter training schedule). 

An opportunity to take part in a spring trip to Florida.  

Competing in the CPBL regular season. 

A month of intense baseball tournament play centred in America.  

We play south of the border for two reasons: to play the best competition and to increase player exposure to recruiters. By doing so, our players quickly learn why our priorities are on development. We are vying to match or exceed the U.S. level of play. 

The Terrier program includes all costs for travel to the U.S. (excluding day trips). Summer trips to the U.S. often leave early in the week and return on Sunday. We understand families usually do not have the time to transport and go with the players. Our program provides the following: supervision, transportation, accommodation, and meals. 

One of the highlights of The Terriers’ travel schedule is the annual spring trip to Florida. All four Terriers teams fly to Florida for practices and games for eight days of March Break. This week in the South will consist of games against U.S. high school-age programs and U.S. College teams (18U). 

* The Terrier calendar’s detailed description of each season is listed here. 

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All Terriers are tested by The Performance Lab for strength and functionality. The focus of the testing gets individual results analyzed by leading-edge bio-mechanists. Using the latest techniques in sports science, individual results are analyzed. They are then translated to develop individual strength programs. The purpose of the programs is to better protect the athlete from injury. As well as maximize their functional power output. Terriers train at The Training Zone facility (TTZ) located at The Baseball Zone. 

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During the winter, all Terriers teams train extensively at The Baseball Zone. Our program incorporates Specific Strength training at our in-houseperformance training facility. Terriers can practice their baseball skills and strength training at the same location. 

The spring weather takes the program outdoors. We move to our home fields at King’s Christian Collegiate, centrally located in Oakville. The Terriers are the prime baseball tenant at this multi-million dollar turf field. The park features a classic brick backdrop, pro-style dugouts and an electronic scoreboard. Terriers teams practiced and played over 150 games at Kings in one season. We get the jump on the season in mid-April and carry through till mid-October. Due to the state-of-the-art drainage system, we have a small number of rain-outs every year.

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In April 2023, Rick Johnston was joined by Kevin Horton, who took over for Mike and Nicole Tevlin as partner, with The Terriers and The Baseball Zone. Kevin has worked for The Baseball Zone since 2004, making this a seamless transition.

He brings strong organizational skills and a passion to continue the Terriers’ legacy.

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If you are a serious student-athlete, contact us. We will be in touch and inform you of the try-out dates that The Terriers will be operating in the coming months. If you have any further questions about the program or the recruiting process, please feel free to contact us at info@terriersbaseball.com. Also, feel free to drop by The Baseball Zone with any enquiries.

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