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Fall Schedule – King’s Christian Collegiate

In May 2012, the Terriers began their partnership agreement with King’s Christian Collegiate. Terriers became the primary baseball tenant at the new dual-purpose athletic field. The Terriers called the stunning 1.7 million-dollar complex home in August 2013. The state-of-the-art facility is located south of Highway 407, at the corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd and Neyagawa Blvd Oakville).  


The facility has the following: 

a turf playing surface feature  

sculptured clay mound,  

gorgeous red brick surrounding the perimeter of the field,  

and spacious sixty-foot-long step-down pro-style dugouts.  

The baseball dimensions mimic Fenway Park in reverse, with the monster in right field! The left field has a large”HOME OF THE TERRIERS” and branded electronic scoreboard. 


Our organization is very proud to be partnered with Kings. King’s Christian Collegiate believes in the importance of both academic and athletic goals. 


This “home field” is yet another example of the Terriers’ pursuit of providing the best possible program year-round. This facility will enhance playing conditions for practices, games, and tournaments.  


We are grateful to King’s Christian Collegiate for allowing us to partner with them on this tremendous venture. We look forward to many years of fantastic Terriers baseball on this beautiful field. 


About King’s Christian Collegiate 

King’s Christian Collegiate provides effective instruction to students in unique circumstances. The faculty accommodates individual schedules for musicians, artists and athletes – especially baseball players! Course material through King’s online academic community can be accessed if students are absent. They can also adjust their test and examination schedules to work around practice and competition routines. King’s school values its students and supports their individual needs. 

We look forward to a long and healthy association with King’s. 

base ball ground
base ball ground
base ball ground

The Baseball Zone

1081 Brevik Place, Mississauga, ON, Canada 

The Baseball Zone is Canada’s largest and best-equipped indoor baseball training facility.   

This facility is home to Terriers Baseball winter workouts,. The over 15,000 square feet contain the latest and best equipment. Also provides the ultimate atmosphere for improving your game. Amenities: 

  • The latest technology in artificial turf provides the safest and most realistic indoor surface 
  • Eight retractable batting cages, each equipped with either pitching machines and/or L-screens 
  • Open field area for defense and pitching with the ability to alter areas by retracting cages.  
  • Four portable pro/college pitching mounds 
  • Four practice areas for tee work and soft toss 
  • Comfortable lounge area with TV and satellite 
  • Viewing mezzanine with 2 TV’s and satellite 
  • HitTrax, Pro Player AI, Rapsodo  
a young runner running on the ground
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