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Nov 23, 2016 | Dan Thompson | 469 views
An Afternoon With Scott Thorman At The Baseball Zone
As Terrier players, parents and coaches, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Scott Thorman for few hours of baseball banter Sunday, Nov 20th at The Baseball Zone. Scott, was a former first round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves making it all the way to the Major Leagues with that prestigious organization. For the past few years Scott has been a Minor League Manager in the Kansas City Royals organization and in 2016 was named Appalachian League Manager of the year.

During Scott’s visit to The Zone, he enthusiastically and engagingly conveyed invaluable information to a group of close to 70 players, parents and coaches. And the message was simple... anything in life can be achieved, through hard work, desire and discipline. He noted the importance of planning, whether for the approach to your next at bat or simply having a plan for day to day life activities. He spoke of how baseball can beat you down in a tough way, so much so, that self-doubt can at times creep into your mind and ask why you play the game? Meaning, that adversity can be our biggest enemy and finding ways to deal with it can help us on our path to success. In a game where failure figures prominently, we can develop confidence by understanding that it is a given and that there will always be another at bat. Scott’s message was one of empathy (he’s been there before) and not sympathy, as the latter adds very little to the equation. Much of the discussion was a combined talk of hitting and other aspects of becoming a better baseball player. However, what really resonated was how he talked about the game as of way of developing day to day life skills. Face it, life can also beat you down and life experience can, at times, be very negative. In saying that, Scott spoke about self-motivation and how it can affect you in the pursuit of success. Scott finished by talking about trust and how trusting yourself helps you compete from the very first day of spring training to game seven of the World Series. All in all, the information was invaluable to everyone in attendance. The group was interactive and asked great questions. Along, with Scott, was Ed Heather, Senior Advisor to the Terrier organization and twenty year scout with The Toronto Blue Jays. Ed is also the step dad of Rob Ducey, former Major League outfielder with the Toronto Blue Jays. One of the points Scott brought up was how to strive for success by watching the older players go about their business and he made a point of how Rob become an inspiration to himself in his pursuit of professional baseball. A great day was had by all. Once again, thank you Scott for your generosity by providing us with such a memorable dialogue about baseball and life.