Testimonials (Terriers Baseball)



A letter from ex-Terrier Matt Ward - 2019 Niagara University, NCAA Div 1:

Becoming a Terrier was one of the most pivotal moments so far in my life. Because being a Terrier is so much more than just being another baseball player; you are joining a family, a brotherhood. You develop friendships which last years, which help shape the person you ought to become. But more importantly you’re given expectations and responsibilities by your coaches and your teammates to be the best version of yourself, both as a player and as a person, because in order to move on in our lives, as a baseball player or not, it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves.

The Terriers organization is without a doubt the best developmental program in the province and quite possibly in the country as well, which is evident by the competition and travel one experiences throughout their year/s with the Terriers program. Also, the coaches have the knowledge, experience, and determination to help guide every Terrier to become the best baseball player they can be, and for that I’m grateful. Grateful for all the coaches I had at the Terriers and all the staff who helped me along the way.

Go Terriers

Matt Ward, Jan 2020

A letter from ex-Terrier Jack Anderson - 2017 Hofstra University, NCAA Div 1:

Growing up playing baseball for my local team, I never really understood what it would take to achieve playing at the next level. It was a dream of mine, but nothing more than that. This is because I didn’t know how to get there. When I was referred to the Terriers by former teammates and coaches, it was apparent to me that the Terriers knew what it took to make the jump to a college or professional baseball career. The impact on shaping my baseball career was immediate. The long road trips to different tournaments most weekends, as well as travelling only with the guys gave me a great taste of what college baseball and being away from home for long periods of time would be like. The coaches helped me to develop, the talent level was much higher within my teammates, and the competition was always top notch wherever we played. I had access to facilities constantly and also to great resources that played a major role in helping me find the right college fit for the next four years of my life. Without the Terriers and especially the people that they have on board their team, I would not be where I am today. I am grateful to be an alumni of the Terriers organization.

Jack Anderson, Dec 2019

A letter from ex-Terrier Elliot Curtis - 2018 University of Kentucky, NCAA Div 1; Columbia State CC, NJCAA Div 1; Middle Tennessee, NCAA Div 1:

I wanted to reach out this fall to thank you all for everything you have done for me. It has had a tremendous impact on me as a person and player, and I am honoured to have had those experiences. Thank you!

Elliot Curtis, Sep 2018


A letter from the parents of Jake Sims - 2018 Drafted by The San Diego Padres; St. Leo University, NCAA Div 2; Roane State, NJCAA Div 1:

As a parent of Jacob Sims, a Terrier for fours years, who is just entering his sophomore year of NJCAA Division 1 baseball and just signed to attend Alabama NCAA Division 1 next year. I cannot say enough about the influence the Terriers program had in getting Jacob his scholarships and making him into the person he has become.

I found that the Terriers care as much about the growth of its players outside of baseball as they do about the development of their players. They focus on training which has helped my son greatly. They focus on leadership and representing the program off the field is as important as it is on the field. And their program put forth by SST is second to none. 

From day one, expectations are set. I still remember our meetings during that first year with Rick. The honesty was brought forth in a constructive way. Every parent dreams of that NCAA Division 1 offer or the day that their son gets drafted. All is a possibility but it comes with hard work and dedication. The Terriers take pride in not only creating great ball players but great students. This prepares their athletes for the rigors of an intense baseball and academic schedule at the next level.

The quality of the Terrier coaching staff is unparalleled. Coaches like Rick Johnson, Scott Vandevalk, Dean Dicenzo, are among the best. They truly care about the person and do everything they can to improve them as people.

If not for the Terriers experience, I have no doubt that Jacob would not be where he is today and enjoying all his successes on and off the field. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Go Terriers!

Thomas Sims - Parent of Jake Sims


A letter from the parents of Kyle MacDonald - 2017 Arkansas State, NCAA Div 1; Crowder College, NJCAA Div 1; 2017 NJCAA World Series:


...  I know for a fact, Kyle would not be the player and person he is today without the Terrier program. You folks not only shaped him as a ball player but prepared him for the next stage in his life off the field as well. The MacDonald`s would like to thank you for all you did for us as a family.

Good Luck this year and keep on doing what you do. You make a difference.

Kirk MacDonald - parent of Kyle MacDonald


A letter from the parents of Jeremie Veilleux - 2017 Slippery Rock, NCAA Div 2:

I had a great time following and watching the kids play over the last 4 years and also made friends in the process.

Jeremie started as a young kid with lots of potential he did not really knew he had. He’s leaving now as a fine young adult and the Terriers did an awesome job developing him as a player and an individual.

The programs provides boys with a lot of things that teens in general need, and often don’t know they need, during an important time in their lives that parents can’t always give them. And Jeremie surely benefited from that environment for many different reasons that I won’t go into here.

No organization is perfect like Mike would say, even though we never experienced any other programs than the Terriers I’ve seen and heard enough that I would not hesitate to recommend the Terriers.

Pierre Veilleux - parent of Jeremie Veilleux


A letter from ex-Terrier Cal Quantrill - 2016 8th overall pick of the San Diego Padres, Stanford University, NCAA Div 1:

I had the pleasure of playing for the Ontario Terriers 17U and 18U teams during my time in high school. It was some of the most fun I have ever had in a baseball uniform and without a doubt a major reason I have been afforded the opportunities I have now.

I cannot think of a place that better represents what baseball means to me. Terrier baseball recognizes the importance of your education, the friendships you develop over your time with the program and most importantly why we all play the game, because there is nothing better than toeing the rubber or getting in the box.

Being a Terrier was joining an elite group of athletes, but more importantly people. Some of my closest friends to this day played with me on a nearly unbeatable 17U team that included future professional players and countless Division 1 athletes.

Our yearly trip to Florida and the countless bus trips across the border remain as some of my most defining baseball memories. Because of these trips I was given the opportunity to compete for our national team for three years and earn a scholarship from Stanford University where I hope to finish an engineering degree before continuing the dream at the professional level.

Terrier baseball is coached and organized by some of the best baseball minds in the country, but also by the most genuine people I know. They are in it for the right reasons and each and every one of them helped make me the person and player I am today.

Go Terriers,

Cal Quantrill 


A letter from ex-Terrier Bruce Yari - 2016 24th Rd Pick of the Cincinnati Reds, University of British Columbia, NAIA:

I spent 3 years in the Ontario Terriers from 2010-2012. Between my many coaches in the organization I learned countless valuable lessons, both on the field and away from it that helped me develop both as a baseball player and as a person. The way the people within the Terriers organization taught me to play the game, and carry myself as a person was a foundation that allowed me to continuously build off of all throughout my college career, and allowed me to turn into the player that I am today. I loved my time spent with the Terriers and am truly thankful that I was able to be a part of such a great organization.

Bruce Yari


A letter from ex-Terrier Toby Handley - 2016 33rd Rd Pick of the Houston Astros, SUNY Stonybrook University, NCAA Div 1:

The Terriers taught me so much during the time I played there. They taught me not only how to become a man on the field maturing as a baseball player, but also how to become a man off the field preparing for the independent years to follow at college. I can honestly say the Terriers helped me become a better baseball player and a better person, all thanks to the great coaching pushing me to the limits every day

Toby Handley


A letter from the parents of Joel Brophy, 2016 Niagara University, NCAA Div 1:

As parents of Joel Brophy, a former Terrier, who is just completing his junior year of NCAA Division 1 baseball, we can’t say enough about the influence the Terriers program and the Baseball Zone have had in getting Joel his scholarship and chance to play college teams throughout the US.

Our son had participated in other “elite” programs in Ontario before the Terriers. In our experience, there is no other program that cares as much about the growth of all its players – their growth as athletes, as teammates, as leaders. And most importantly to us, we sincerely believe that no other program truly cares as much about finding these young men the best college education experience possible for them – whether it be NCAA, NAIA, JuCo in the US, or university ball here in Canada. On Joel’s 18U Terriers team, every single graduating player became a college baseball player (or were drafted to the MLB). The Terriers, particularly through the knowledge and network of contacts of Dan Thompson, who leads in connecting players with US colleges, have the trust of a significant number of college coaches in the US. I have heard directly from several US college coaches about their respect and trust for Dan and other Terriers personnel.

The quality of the Terrier coaching staff, and the baseball program in general is unparalleled. Coaches like Rick Johnson, Scott Vandevalk, Dean Dicenzo, are among the best in Canada, and there is no question that any young player entering the system will leave as a much improved baseball player.

Finally, the recent addition of Mike and Nicole Tevlin to the ownership and management of the organization will continue to move the program ahead while maintaining the Terriers ideals. We can personally attest to their commitment to not only continue the program, but to build upon and improve it. They have had two boys go through the program, both offered scholarships to NCAA D1 universities – the youngest coming to Niagara University to play with our son next year. They believe in the Terrier Way.

We will continue to support this program long after our son is finished his baseball career because of our belief that the management and coaches of this program are in it for the right reasons – the growth of the players as both athletes and young adults. We would be willing to speak with any parent who is wondering whether this program might be right for their son.

Doug & Maura Brophy
Parents of Joel Brophy
May 2016


Mickey Hiter, President of Sandlott Baseball:

I very sincerely appreciate your support and participation with SANDLOTT Baseball. The teams that you've sent us have been quality and I so much enjoy and appreciate you and all you do for youth baseball. I hope your teams enjoyed our SANDLOTT World Championships and I hope the relationship will grow. If I can do anything to help you and your efforts, please let me know.


A letter from the parents of Jeff Hunt - 2009 15th Rd Pick of the LA Dodgers:

Pat and I send our deepest thanks to the Terriers organization for the priceless training and support they have given Jeff for the past three years, which has resulted in his being signed by the LA Dodgers. This is an organization that is unsurpassed by any other that we have ever been associated with, and has been a constant joy for us. 

Dan Thompson's unparalleled leadership results in a devotion from his players that is rarely seen. Their desire to make him proud is amazing to watch. Dan Thompson, Ed Heather, Walt Jeffries and Tom Mackenzie have not only been mentors to Jeff with his baseball development, but they have been unfailing friends to him and offered him support in any way they could, without hesitation. I know that Jeff is extremely close to most of his teammates and will continue to be no matter where he ends up, but I would be remiss if I didn't state that Pat and I have enjoyed the company of each and every parent that has been a part of this Terriers team for the last 3 years. 

Jeff's leaving the Terriers to sign with the Dodgers is bittersweet for us. We are going to miss this desperately. Good luck to all of the boys at their various schools and I hope to see all of them in the big leagues someday. I hope Dan calls upon me to help out with the Terriers in some way in the future; as we really can't repay him any other way for all that he has done for Jeff. If you should find yourself in Glendale, Arizona, please stop by to see Jeff. He would be so happy to see you.


A letter from Scott Diamond:

I've had the pleasure of being coached by Dan Thompson for three years during my time playing elite baseball. I was involved with Guelph Minor Baseball and Coach Thompson recruited me and gave me the opportunity to further develop my baseball skills. Being involved in Coach Thompson's program gave me the chance to travel and play at a high level of competition in Canada and in the United States and play with other players of exceptional calibre.

His knowledge and passion for the game, his personal baseball experiences, his commitment to the players in his care and his ability to coach at an elite level make my own experience very positive and one I will always remember.

He has enhanced my confidence by allowing me to play at the elite level and this benefited my development as a player. This exposure has allowed me to realize my athletic and academic goals. Thanks to Coach Thompson I have realized my athletic and academic goals.

After playing at Division I Binghamton University, I signed a professional contract with the Atlanta Braves and I am presently playing in their minor league organization.

The Diamond File:
Toronto Blue Jays - AAA Ball 2016
Tampa Bay Rays - AAA Ball 2015
Cincinnati Reds - AAA Ball 2014
Minnesota Twins - MLB/ AAA Ball 2010, 2011, 2012
Atlanta Braves - AA Ball, 2009
World Baseball Classic - Team Canada, 2009
Atlanta Braves - A Ball, 2008
Signed with Atlanta Braves, 2007
NCAA Div. 1-Binghamton University
Guelph Royals - Inter County Seniors

A letter from the parents of Chad Marshall - Stony Brook University, NCAA Division 1:

While it would seem that time is flying and Chad will be leaving for Stony Brook on Sunday, we just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the ENTIRE Terriers organization. While most people were unaware that Chad even had parents as we were unable to attend a lot of baseball this year, the Terriers took him under their wing and really played a key roll in Chad achieving what we had always dreamed for him. While Chad's dreams are by no means completed, we are so thankful to the Terriers for their support and guidance the past two years. I also want to take the opportunity to thank all the parents, and I hope you will be able to pass this along. All those parents who gave Chad a ride, fed Chad and gave him a place to sleep and most importantly, gave him the support for the last two years, we thank you. A very special thank you to Dan Thompson, you put so much faith in Chad and he really grew as a result of that.

All the best to everyone in the coming years, Shawn is too young for the under 16's this year but we hope to see everyone around with the Terriers soon.


A letter from the Parents of Brad Furdal - 2008 11th Rd Pick of the Tampa Bay Rays:

We would sincerely like to thank the entire Inter County Terriers organization. The first rate baseball program that you provide helped improve Brad's skills and prepared him for his professional career. We noticed early in Brad's development that the Terriers competed with teams in the United States. This builds the players' confidence and exposes them to Universities, Colleges and Major League Baseball teams across America.

The Terriers are extremely professional in their approach and were instrumental in charting the course for Brad. We encourage other families to "Trust the process"... we did and are very grateful for everything you've done.

Thanks again and we wish the Terriers continued success.

The Furdal File:
Tampa Bay Rays (Present)
Junior Canadian Team (2006 - 2008)


A letter from ex-Terrier Tanner Nivins:

My experiences with the Terriers Baseball Organization have been beyond what I ever could have imagined. This program has lead me to overcome roadblocks that I thought would stand in the way of me achieving my goals as a baseball player and as a person. I have gained life experience that I would have never gotten anywhere else. Leaving this program this past year, I did not only leave a better baseball player, I left a better teammate, harder worker, and more prepared for college life.

Through my two years with the Terriers I have had the pleasure of working with a great group of coaches, all of which teaching me something different. Dan Thompson, along with the rest of the Terriers staff, aided me my game that took me places I dreamed of when I was a child. They showed care in my skill, but more importantly me as a person. They taught me and enforced me to apply myself physically and academically.

The schedule that the Terriers play prepared me greatly for my experiences with the Junior National Team, as well as NCAA Division 1 baseball. This schedule impressed myself and my family since the day we saw it. With the opportunity to travel to such places as Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, it opened doors for the players that they couldn't imagine. The practice regime for the winter consisted of personal and team goals, all of which were followed with close care.

Through the schedule, coaching, and training, the Terriers have prepared me for college and allowed me to fit right in. the coaches treated us like adults which allowed in an easy transition to college life. With the winter workout program, it put me ahead of the game with the training in college. The Terriers put me in a physical condition that allowed me to come into college with no setbacks physically.

Without the Terriers Baseball Organization, I would have never been able to experience lifelong friendships, the opportunity to represent my Country, and to pursue my dreams in College baseball. This program gave my family and I memories that will last a lifetime. My family and I are forever in debt to the Terriers Baseball Organization.

The Nivins File:
Stonybrook University - NCAA D1
Junior National Team
Terriers Baseball
Kitchener Minor Baseball


A letter from ex-Terrier Brian Burton:

Hi Dan,

It has been a very long time since we've spoke but I still think about you and the Terriers every day of my life.

My two years with the Terriers were the best experience of my baseball career. The coaches, general manager and all of the support staff were experienced in all aspects of baseball; from the knowledge of the game to knowing what it takes to get you to the next level. They developed a program that gave you an opportunity to travel to the United States to play against high profile teams and as a result gave you exposure to both college
and MLB scouts.

As a result of this program I am playing Division 1 baseball at Canisius College in Buffalo New York. The transition to Division 1 baseball was made easier due to the coaching, mentoring and development that I received while playing under Dan Thompson and Terriers Baseball.

The Burton File:
Canisius College, NCAA D1
Terriers Baseball
Kitchener Minor Baseball

A letter from the Betts Family:

As the Betts family made the long trip to the University of West Alabama recently, there was time to reflect upon the past three baseball seasons, and what it truly meant to be a “Terrier”. 

Matt joined the Terriers organization in the 16u inaugural season. It was evident very early on that playing for the Terriers was going to be about much more than just improving his baseball skills. The “process” (a common theme in many Terrier discussions) began that very day. This process involved high expectations from all coaching staff and members of the organization.

These expectations extended beyond the game of baseball. It was amazing to see the progression in terms of skill development, but there were many more important lessons to be learned. Character and team building, the bonds of friendship, goal setting and commitment are just a few that come to mind…all qualities that these young men will carry with them beyond their baseball careers. The memories will last a lifetime.

As a former Terrier, Matt argues that “once a Terrier, always a Terrier”. As parents, we would like to assure all future Terrier families that the “Terrier process” is truly about building a solid foundation for future success. Trust the process! We would like to sincerely thank every single member of the Terriers staff, and their families for the incredible amount of time, effort and interest you give to the team and individual players. Good luck to all in the coming years.

A letter from the parents of Brandon Dailey - 2010 34th Round Pick of the Cincinnati Reds:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your time and commitment to creating the best baseball program in the PBLO and, in our opinion, the country. With your expert guidance and advice, tireless advocacy, and unwavering support we have seen so many players develop and progress in unimaginable ways. Your dedication to this program is demonstrated in the way that all of the players grow both on and off the field.

We thank each of you for your influences that have helped Brandon achieve his baseball goals thus far. There is no way to truly convey how much you have all meant to him each step of the way.

We are currently in mourning as our direct involvement with the Terriers has come to an end. Over the past three years we have followed the ‘Ts’ to countless games and tournaments…….and have enjoyed premier entertainment and fantastic successes. It is with pride that we have seen some of Canada’s finest players grow and move forward in their baseball careers before our very eyes. It has been a blast and we will sincerely miss being so personally involved!

We wish the best of luck to the Terriers in their upcoming season. We wish the same to the former players who we have seen move on to college and pro ball. We will not let this go easily and will be following the website and coming to games, as some habits are hard to break!


Cathy and Darrell Dailey


A letter from the parents of Connor Smith:

We didn't get a chance to thank you in person and we want you to know that we can't begin to thank you enough for all that you did for Connor this past season. He couldn't have done it without you and your dedicated coaching staff. It was refreshing to be a part of such an organized, knowledgeable, professional, classy, and dedicated organization that brought out the best in Connor. This season was by far the best he's had since he started playing in the PBLO! You and the Terriers far exceeded our expectations and in our opinion, its the best organization in the league. Thank you for your dedication to your team and your players......baseball could use more coaches like you! Also, a special thank you to your family for allowing you to share your talents with us.

I know that Connor REALLY enjoyed playing for the Terriers and he was VERY GRATEFUL for all of the opportunities and exposure that you gave him.

All the best with your upcoming season! Go Terriers!


Lisa and Kevin Smith