The Terrier Way - Our Mission (Terriers Baseball)

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 to deliver a program that embodies:

INTEGRITY By helping to shape respectful young adults, good teammates and future mentors who are a credit to their families and communities. 
PERFORMANCE By providing the best baseball improvement program on the planet.
INSPIRATION  By nurturing passion, hard work and respect for the game. 
RESULTS Through elite baseball training, competition and exposure, maximize each Terrier's opportunity for:
  • College baseball
  • Canadian Junior National Team
  • Professional baseball

Terrier coaches form a highly motivated and qualified team that all believe strongly in The Terrier Way. Their commitment to the mission is evident at every stage of a Terrier's journey.

We take great pride in Terrier graduates being better prepared to embrace the opportunities that come their way in life.

The Terrier Way - Our Mission
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